THE Venice Ceramics Group Holiday Sale
featuring the Ceramic Chess Set made by 32 hands(NFS)
and other works for sale by the Venice Artists.
Seidman Gallery 2502 Main St, Santa Monica
(310) 392-0811
Wednesday November 28-Wednesday December 5
Gallery hours Tuesday-Sunday 11-6
Reception Sunday December 2, 2-5pm
The 16 ceramic artists that created the chess pieces include Joyce Lieberman, John Wexler, Dana Eli,Samuel Goldstein, Linda Taylor,Elaine Roark,Pamela Naylor,Kitching Ambrosia,Herida Zamora,Tye Drabkin,Sandy LaMare,James Sherrill, Marcia Moussa, Michael Anderson, Sarita Simone and Nels Christianson.
Paintings by Joyce Lieberman and others.
wheelchair access

There will be thirteen Mad Tea Pottery pieces available for sale at this event!

I've been retooling to do some work with lighter-colored clay bodies. So during the lag in new finished work, I can get a few more photos up here on the site. Check out the Recent Additions page for the latest.
If you're in Palm Desert, be sure to stop by Coda Gallery and check out some Mad Tea Pottery: Swinebumps Academy, Blind Seer/Cassandra, and Athena/Aphrodite.
It took a lot longer than I anticipated, but there are nine new teapots on the site. Also, to make it easier to see recent work, I've added a section for Recent Additions, which, coincidentally, shows the most recent nine works added to the site.
I have another dozen or so teapots to put on the site, just as soon as I get a chance to photograph them properly. Look for an announcement here. I'll also be adding a "recently added" page to the site, so it will be easy to find the latest work.
From all reports, it was quite a show. Some pictures can be found at Flickr.
SIGGRAPH has been accepted and will be shown at the juried Teapot as Object and Icon exhibition at — appropriately enough — this year's SIGGRAPH convention in Boston!